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The Inconsequential began as a radical, free-thinking, free-running, underground magazine whose aim was to undermine, or at least poke a hole in the foundations of that featureless edifice known as The System.  We struggled, nay fought, to get our opinions heard and our message of freedom and hope to the masses.  Oooohh, we were dangerous!!

We carry on that struggle today and every day, for there are so many established ‘truths’ that need to be challenged by every open-minded individual out there.

Originally, our magazine was, by necessity, produced anonymously due to the oppressive atmosphere that suffocated the free speech out of every person in The Inconsequential’s catchment area.  No-one knew the editors and no-one knew when the next issue would be published (especially the editors!).  This website has knocked that on the head somewhat, since our names are plastered all over each article, but that’s fine because we’ve now broken free of our mental shackles and are in the wide open virtual roominess of cyberspace.

That being the case, if you have any issues that you feel need addressing, subjects that you think need commenting on, or just want to say ‘hello and well done’ then you can reach the editors via email at:



Submissions Policy

It’s always good to hear from our readers and especially flattering when they express a desire to contribute to the magazine.  So, if you have a burning desire to see your effusions in someone else’s Arial 10 point, take a look below at the criteria that need to be met then let us have it!

Our general submissions policy is fairly standard:

  • your article, story, etc must be your own
  • must not have been published elsewhere
  • must not be under consideration by any other publication (or if it is, you must declare this is the case)
  • we would prefer it to be between 800 and 1000 words (we’re flexible on this, within reason)

In addition to these guidelines, we have a policy of not giving publicity, even bad publicity, to any “celebrity” or politician whose sole purpose is self-aggrandisement.  Their egos are massaged sufficiently in the gossip magazines.  We DO believe in ridiculing and exposing these people, but through allusion, so please bear this in mind.

One other point of which you’ll need to be aware, we don’t pay for any articles we decide to use.  As you can see, the online version is free, so no-one will be making a fortune from The Inconsequential, least of all the editors!

So, there it is.  If you confirm that your submissions meet our general policy and you’re willing to submit your work knowing that your only reward will be the looks of unabashed admiration on the faces of your readers, we would be more than happy to receive and review your efforts with a view to publishing them in the magazine and/or on the website.