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As joint Editor-in-Chief and regular contributor to The Inconsequential, I have written a significant number of articles and short stories over the years for this esteemed publication.  The nature of the magazine and the length of some of these tales made it necessary to publish them in serialised form – not an ideal way to read a short story, especially given the time between issues. It is quite possible, therefore, that even our regular readers may have missed an episode or two and might welcome the opportunity to read a particular piece in its entirety without having to search the website every two minutes!

Well, I am pleased to announce that you can now do just that by purchasing the first volume of my collected works,
The Homecoming.

Five short stories, two complete Ethics Girls adventures and two poems have been brought together in 144 pages of sheer delight!  With a Foreword and illustrations by my fellow Editor-in-Chief and an Afterword that reveals the personal experiences that inspired each piece, there should be enough to keep you enthralled until the next Inconsequential appears.  There’s even a photograph of my good self at 14 years old!  It’s definitely not to be missed.

Available in paperback form or digitally for your Kindle.  Just click the button below for the paperback, or visit, search Graham C Hodgson and take it from there.

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