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Sunny, yesterday our lives were filled with gain

Sunny, the smiles we had are now filled with pain

The good days are gone, dark days are here

Sunny claims to be oh so true

Sunny, We loathe you


The Shabby Hare

is the reincarnation of The Inconsequential.
The Shabby Hare was the name of the original pamphlet that spawned The Inconsequential.
Our ethos has not changed. We intend to badger at the underbelly of information which claims to underpin our world. We use satire as the primary tenet, and try to induce laughter in the midst of anguished tears at the state of our modern world. We look to entertain and encourage thought and debate about our world. We use many forms of narrative: stories; poetry; news tidbits; cartoons and visual art to name but a few. We hope any readers, critics and followers will be stimulated by our content and earnest intent.
As the Reverend Spooner says, “Lepus Tray!”

A hare by any other name would smell as damp and musty in autumn.


If you think very hard about being happy in the face of overwhelming gloom, then you may contact us.